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Sustained business growth depends on your agency’s employees being more agile, informed, and responsive so that they can respond to customer needs faster, better, and more efficiently. But the day-to-day work life of CSRs and producers is often defined by work that sits in queues unattended because it’s directed to the wrong person; manual and error-prone processes, and clunky systems that offer little in the way of insights that can show what’s broken or how to improve it.  

In this webinar, a guest speaker from Forrester examines how improving workflow and content frees agency staff to focus more on what matters:  your customers.  

Guest Speaker 

Ellen is a principal analyst serving insurance eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Her research focuses on the eBusiness strategies, technologies, adoption trends, and best practices of property and casualty, life, group, and health insurers globally. Ellen works with insurance clients to understand how market forces are changing how consumers, groups, and distributors engage with insurance carriers and the role that technology plays in maximizing new opportunities.

Ellen most recently served the technology sales enablement role, writing research and providing advisory on how technology vendors sell and market their solution value to industry buyers, with a particular focus on the insurance, banking, and securities industries.