Join us for our webinar, 3 Keys to Being a Connected Agency.

Connectivity in insurance means a lot more than just who you know. As an agency in an evolving industry, staying connected means gaining information from carriers with ease and communicating with clients when and how they want to communicate. In our webinar, “3 Keys to Being a Connected Agency,” our panel of experts, including Angela Adams, Jennifer Morrissey, and Todd Sorel, explain how to embrace connectivity in your agency with technology that can help your agency meet carriers and clients where they are.

Key takeaways include: 

  • Connectivity myths in the insurance industry versus the reality
  • How to maintain tight ties with carriers
  • How to get your clients the right information quickly the first time
  • Why your agency should be communicating with customers on their terms
  • How to use the right technology to enhance your agency’s connectivity
You’ll leave with the knowledge you need to debunk the myths about connectivity and understand what it means to be connected across the entire distribution channel.

Meet the panel: