CSSI Delivered 100% Uptime During Category 5 Hurricane Irma

As if speaking directly to a future audience, the chemist Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

To this end, Computer Solutions & Software International, LLC (CSSI) put in place a disaster-recovery technology infrastructure capable of handling data backup and security for up to 100 clients during major weather events and natural disasters. The south Florida-based company hadn’t previously dealt with a storm close to the magnitude of Hurricane Irma, and the company had been much smaller, with fewer clients, when Hurricane Wilma blew in, almost a decade ago.

The Solution

The key word for keeping data safe and current in disaster situations is redundancy. Using one of several kinds of redundancies, the CSSI data center in Miami (Equinix) worked to ensure that if hit by a hurricane, client would be protected and sufficiently backed up. Clients stayed up and running throughout the event. Here’s how! CSSI has several disaster-recovery center redundancy is established by having several disaster recovery centers operating simultaneously and updating data every two hours, in near real time, so one data center can pick up where another one left off. The company is thus able to guarantee its clients a loss of no more than two to four hours of work. So, in the worst-case scenario, clients would only have to recover a few hours, rather than a few weeks of lost data.