Discover the power of streamlined workflows, seamless integrations, and revenue-driving capabilities with Vertafore Canada’s innovative open SaaS platform. 

Join our webinar Unlocking Success: Harnessing the Power of Vertafore Canada's Open Platform on May 29 to learn about the advantages of a connected platform and build a powerful tech stack. Gain insights on API integrations, connectivity to third-party platforms, and explore the robust library of vendors within the Orange Partner Program.

Hear from our guest speaker Kevin Lea, President of Fuse Insurance Ltd., who shares his success story of leveraging Vertafore Canada’s API integrations to streamline the daily operations of his digital commercial insurance brokerage. 

The webinar will cover:

  • Benefits of a connected Broker Management System
  • Difference between open vs closed environment
  • Vertafore Canada’s open API, SIG, and Orange Partner Program
  • Kevin’s inspiring journey with Vertafore Canada’s platform

Explore the open technology of our system and understand how it can impact your business. Register for a spot today! 

Kevin Lea
President, Fuse Insurance Ltd.

Brett Sivits
Vice President of Client Success,

Heath Shearon
Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Vertafore

Dimitrios Argitis
VP & GM, Vertafore Canada

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