Missed our live webinar? We've got you covered.

Register here so you can watch the Vertafore and Keystone AgencyZoom Webinar! The technology your agency uses makes a big impact on how well your agency runs, so it’s important to find insurtech solutions that are right for you!

AgencyZoom is one of those solutions! As Vertafore’s new insurance CRM/lead manager, AgencyZoom can help you:

  • Close more leads in less time
  • Automate engagement through smart automation – leading to increased retention
  • Build an automated customer journey with complete lifecycle automation

But wait, that's not all we'll be talking about!

Watch the On-Demand version of the webinar to get answers to some of these pressings questions (that you should be asking yourself):

  • Can you track how much effort and time is spent trying to build partnerships?
  • Would you rather have a mortgage team, real estate brokerage, or title agency?
  • Do you have a process for reaching out, a value prop, a MPoC for the partner?
  • Once you're receiving leads from the partnership, do you always treat them well?
  • Is your messaging unique to the partnership and the information you're provided (closing dates, street address, builder, sq footage, etc)?

We covered all of these topics and more during our live webinar event, featuring Vertafore's Kat Ternes.
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