AmeriLife’s Software Deployment Makes the Case for the Integrated Suite

AmeriLife is a complex company with distribution, product manufacturing and third party administration capabilities, marketing and selling health and life insurance, fixed annuities, and supplemental products through a multichannel distribution network.

It is a growing company, and like most companies in the insurance industry, recognizes the critical role technology plays in providing a platform that facilitates growth. Before embarking on a multifunctional, system-wide IT implementation, the company conducted extensive research as it shopped for an appropriate distribution management solution. Given the complexity of the organization, a robust solution was called for—one that could straddle many divergent needs.

The range of technological complexity required was more than any other single company could meet; VUE Software was the only vendor that worked in all of AmeriLife’s domains, and could therefore understand and work with all of its different business models to bring about a single, one-stop solution. The alternative would be to bring in four or five vendors, and put a monumental effort into integrating all of their capabilities. Instead, AmeriLife decided to invest in VUE Software’s integrated product suite to automate all of its lines of business.

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