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According to the market research firm IDC, most US companies lose 20-30% in revenue due to inefficiencies. And there’s no greater threat to your growth and profitability than sacrificing time and money on incomplete submissions, low underwriting capacity, and disjointed agency connections.

In this ebook, we cover:

  • The evolution of the MGA role
  • 5 signs you're using outdated processes
  • Improving submissions through enhanced partner connections
  • Streamlining the underwriting process with the right tools and technology 

MGAs play a pivotal role in the distribution channel – providing seasoned expertise to agency partners and ensuring the business gets to the right customers at the right time. As such, you need technology to not only streamline your interactions with your partners but also to give your staff the right resources and materials to make informed, profitable decisions to grow your program and help you stand out as a dynamic and valued partner.

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