A trending topic in the industry, embedded insurance is a distribution channel that’s projected to reach $70.7 billion* by 2025. When insurance is offered alongside a trusted consumer brand at the point of sale, it’s a win-win for insurers and the end-insured. But direct-to-consumer coverage offerings don’t spell the end of independent agents, who still add tremendous value in finalizing policy purchases and providing important consumer guidance.

To assist insurers preparing for this next wave of insurance distribution, we offer “The Embedded Insurance Wave: A rising tide for insurers, independent agents, and consumers,” a new ebook with expert insights and a detailed guide for incorporating embedded insurance into your distribution strategy.

Learn more about:

  • Consumer interest in ease of accessibility for insurance offerings
  • Ways independent agents provide added value in embedded insurance
  • Questions for insurers beginning market research and technology assessments

*5 perspectives on the rising popularity of embedded insurance