Generational shifts are creating momentous changes for the insurance industry, along with powerful opportunities for competitive carriers. As the institutional expertise of retirees is lost, it’s more important than ever to effectively attract, onboard, and retain new cohorts of producers.

In this on-demand webinar, insurance expert Karlyn Carnahan (Celent) shares new data and statistical analysis, followed by a panel discussion with industry professionals. Learn about the ongoing knowledge transfer they’re seeing in the marketplace. Additionally, discover ways to make the best first impression on digital-first generations with strategies that can strengthen relationships between carriers and agencies.

Topics include:

  • Loss of retirees’ expertise and the impact on insurers
  • Necessary technology changes for onboarding new producers
  • How insurers identify agencies that best manage this transition
  • Techniques experts use to manage a changing agency force
Karlyn Carnahan

Head of North American Insurance

Craig Welsh

Head of Distribution

Amy Taylor

AVP, U.S. Agency Management

Patrick Masi

Senior Product Manager

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