Gerber Life Customer Success Story


Gerber Life didn’t have an Incentive Compensation Management solution that could accommodate their anticipated growth through multiple agencies.

The growing complexity in their commission structure compounded the problem. This was impeding their ability to properly manage their agent relationships and hindered their growth plans. There weren’t any streamlined and integrated analytic solutions in place to access data or the required reports to effectively manage their agent and compensation management functions.


Producer Compensation
With VUE Software’s Producer Compensation, Gerber Life has gained the ability to streamline their agent management system and increase their sales volume. Today, they have the ability to support brokers in a cost-effective manner and manage growth across multiple agency channels through a single system. This solution enables them to pay commissions accurately and on time, despite the hierarchical complexity.


“Using VUE Software’s Producer Compensation system, Gerber Life was able to expand its relationships with a number of key business partners helping everyone to grow their business.”

— David Fier, VP Business Development, Gerber Life Insurance Company.

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