Improve your close ratio and win more business 

Agencies who are looking to win more business must do more and more every day in order to set themselves apart. 

In our on-demand webinar, Getting personal about personal lines: How to quote smarter, better, and faster, our panel of experts discuss how you can use a comparative rater to set yourself apart from the competition, improve business efficiency, and close business faster. You’ll also hear from Cathy Hall, VP of Forest Insurance, and Lee LeBaigue, Senior Vice President of InsuranceHub, about how their agencies used PL Rating, our leading comparative rater, to improve business efficiency and build stronger relationships with clients. 

Register to learn: 

  • How Forest Insurance and InsuranceHub can be the trusted advisors their clients need with PL Rating 
  • How you can grow your personal lines and close business faster with more accurate quotes 
  • How PL Rating’s two-way integrations with management systems reduces data entry and improves productivity 
  • How to gain access to real-time rates from your directly appointed carriers, and more! 

You’ll leave with the knowledge you need to improve your agency’s connections with both clients and carriers, boost your close ratio, and win more business.