Midwestern Life and Health General Agency Gains Control of Commissions and Onboarding

Our client is a Health and Life General Agency representing more than 65 top carriers selling multiple lines of insurance throughout the United States. Like many distributors, the commission process was complex, time intensive, and required a two-step process of receiving commissions by the carriers and then having to break those commissions out and pay them individually to the advisors. The time and work effort involved in processing commissions, from receiving them from the carrier and paying the advisors resulted in delays, errors, and a great deal of customer service.

The Solution

Our client is now processing their own commission-accounting and bonus programs and taking more control of their compensation engines. Now that payment schedules are automated, it’s possible to turn out weekly commission statements. This is a huge improvement on processes done either with great difficulty, or in some cases, manually. VUE now enables producers to log in directly with a unique advisor ID that provides them access to their sales, commissions, and other updates.