P&C Carrier Insources Outsourced Processes with VUE Software

The Case

For 14 years this insurance carrier outsourced their billing, accounting, policy administration, and general ledger systems. Manually onboarding new producers involved physical mail and faxes, and included long waiting periods for agents to begin producing. The manual process was not merely time consuming, but was error prone and costly as well. Our client decided to partner with VUE Software to insource their business processes. They needed a modern, robust commission management solution that would integrate seamlessly with their new system and databases, to form an enterprise-wide solution.

In addition, this P&C carrier required a portal to allow producers to obtain their demographic, book-of-business information, and administrative staff access to necessary records and files. 


To address the client’s needs, VUE Software provided and implemented the following modules: Producer Onboarding, Agency Management, Producer Compensation, and Producer Self Service Portal. After assessing the client’s requirements, we agreed to first implement the agency management piece to assist in maintaining producer compliance. This implementation was completed in three (3) months, seamlessly integrating with a third vendor.

The compensation module was completed 2 months later. This included calculation configuration, data transfer, and another seamless integration with a third party billing system. Here we set up multiple hierarchies and rewards programs. The final piece of the project, Onboarding and Producer Self Service Portal, was implemented 2 months later. These integrations assisted our client in building a robust enterprise wide platform that increased efficiency, lowered costs, and promoted growth.