Understanding why Millennials are important to the Insurance Industry


John Sarich, VP of Strategy, VUE Software

Millennials will be in all facets of insurance as employees, agents, and consumers. The insurance industry needs to understand that it has many of the attributes that millennials are seeking in a career and that it is tailor made for millennials.

Millennials want to self-serve on insurance and by-pass agents; but they also want agents to give them one on one contact-not necessarily face to face but willing to personally communicate with their prospects and clients.

In this session, learn about how millennials will have an impact on the overall insurance industry and why it’s imperative for the industry to embrace the change, which they bring:

  • As employees they will drive change via changing established business processes and making the workplace more collaborative and flexible
  • Millennials are thinkers, they like teamwork, they collaborate, they will look to technology to cultivate change
  • They will reshape not only how work is done but how the company should go-to-market, improve customer service, sell its products and through which channels