Vertafore Messenger

More and more customers expect to communicate with you by text message. However, until now, most agency management systems did not support text messaging. With Vertafore Messenger, you can communicate with your customers via text directly from your agency management system.


Now you can easily communicate the way your customers want – by text!

  • When insureds send a text message, it is displayed directly in AMS360 or the Vertafore Agency Platform
  • Replies to existing messages stay connected to the original text thread
  • Staff can send text messages to insureds via the system, rather than using their own personal mobile phone
  • Text messages can be saved to the management system for E&O purposes

Meet customer demands

Insureds expect to communicate with their insurance agent by text


Reduce E&O exposure

A consistent, automated process, and all text conversations can be saved for E&O purposes


Easy to use

Send and receive text messages directly from your management system

No more clumsy workarounds

Watch this video to see how you can send and receive text messages without leaving your management system.